Running your Life with Christ in mind is so daring! It’s so rebellious against the natural world.

Here is your moment to break out into righteousness like you have been longing for. Lets share in fellowship of the stories, tips, and trick to running your life with Christ in it, in every aspect!

Let this Blog minister to you in the most positive ways possible. Take what you and leave what you don’t. My hope is that you at least take the Word Of God.

Me time.

Me Time. July 3, 2022 I used to think that it was odd that sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I started to want to really by myself. I don’t mean a simple recharge, like a power nap. I mean I needed a day or two to bounce back. I find as time passes my socialContinue reading “Me time.”

What is a real Christian?

What is a real Christian? June 26, 2022 Through many years of ministry, I have been on a mission to please God with who I am as a person, the best I know how in the moment and environment I am given. I mean, in what we call “Christianity” that’s pretty much the goal atContinue reading “What is a real Christian?”

Hard Reset

Hard Reset June 24th 2022 I was in between a hard place and a prayer in the day. Without any thought my prayer was: What about the miraculous for me God!? The prayer come from a place of frustration, confusion, ignorance, and exhaustion. The world of hell I’d have been carrying on my back asContinue reading “Hard Reset”

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