How We Train For Better….

Prayer Topic: Overcoming FearDate: November 1, 2, 3
Link: TBD


Whether your want an answered prayer, healing, guidance, or peace, pray is the way go! We are stronger together when we pray! The heavenly realm is waiting to interceded on our behalf

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Fasting & Deliverance

Even though a fast is not a commandment, it’s function and purpose is very powerful. I feel that it is an invitation to take an available step to outer most place of the spirit to feel and experience God more clearly.

Fasting Every Month for 3 Days
Date: July 1-3, August 1-3, September 1-3
No Food from 6am-6pm on each fasting day
Drink Water


This is base line training in how we get stronger in Christ. The body must be well. Exercise. Take preventive measures toward your health. Read to know God. Pray to have a relationship with God.

Body30 mins Activity
5 day Per week
MindRead your Bible Everyday
SpiritPray(Use Native and Heavenly Language)