Me Time.

July 3, 2022

I used to think that it was odd that sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I started to want to really by myself. I don’t mean a simple recharge, like a power nap. I mean I needed a day or two to bounce back. I find as time passes my social meter runs out a litter faster than it used to. It could be the social meter I have at work, school, in church. I would just really want to get away.

It wasn’t until I got into my word that I found that that wasn’t so bad after all. I was understanding that I was accessing parts of myself that were different aspects of intelligence that took real power and energy to operate in.

Just imagine starting the day with intent prayer; being mindful that the enemy can get in early and throw a wrench in my day if I didn’t get my mind right. When the first thought of the day is glorifying God and asking him to align my day with his will, this would be the most important move of the day to start things off right. I cover the bases of work, kids at school, other family, and the safety of all the things and people I love.

Then the day actually starts going. I am paying attention intently to everything that is happening around me (the use of my discernment). All day I am reading peoples moods, body language, verbal language (inflections and all) to make sure that I am interpreting everything correctly and responding appropriately. In my language even when I am flustered or happy, that all of my natural responses are reflective of discipline and my best form of holiness.

When I finally am done taking orders from people, caring for children, a husband. I can finally rest and clock out from my spiritual job and fully relax. Even though you never really relax and clock out from Christ, you just finally get to have a seat for a little bit.

In all these instances I am at work doing a physical job (using my physical intellect in my ca. While I am at work working, I am constantly on my God job seeing if people need help, God can use me to be light where I am. When off the clock that work mode becomes parenting, and caregiving to other member of family.

I have come to terms that being a believer at max compacity is exhausting. It takes real skill, a heavenly gifting, to function at such a high level daily. No wonder why Jesus would just walk off on people after healing thousands of people while school the 12 people that followed him everywhere as he went. He needed an entire moment.

Watch the King walk off ( Luke 4:30, Luke 6:12, John 6:15, Mark 6:46, Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:23)

This should be a reference to take time away and get yourself together when you need to. If Jesus needed a reset, its ok for you to have one too.

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