Hard Reset

June 24th 2022

Rashan with a new camo bible after a revelation from the divine.

I was in between a hard place and a prayer in the day. Without any thought my prayer was: What about the miraculous for me God!? The prayer come from a place of frustration, confusion, ignorance, and exhaustion. The world of hell I’d have been carrying on my back as my own strength and not God’s

The response to the prayer was: How can you do the things of God, without God?

Well it took diagnostics check from the Holy Spirt to refresh the oil in my life.

These Questions were Immediately laid in my spirit.

-Are reading your word with POWER AND INTENT DAILY?
-Am I speaking God’s promises DAILY?
-Am I believing God over what I PHYSICALLY SEE?

Currently, all the answers to those questions were a NO.

Ministers get lost in the sauce too. Real life happens to everyone. But the WORD of God can fix what seems to be wrong. My actions to realign myself was

Getting a new Bible another new faith book
2 highlighters
Changed my play list Stopped answering the phone
And sat at His feet to let Him renew my mind

God figuratively called my first, middle, and last name….and I came running in obedience. Obedience is step 1, the most important part is step 2 Consistency❤️‍🔥

God’s speed on your own personal journey in Christ.

#runlifelivechrist #hurdlesandhair #faithandfitness #jesus #transformtion #change #renewing #mind #mindovermater

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